Source Emissions Products

NOx Analyzers for Measuring Source Emissions

Looking for an emissions level NOx analyzer? We offer dedicated NOx analyzers, NOx O2 CO2 analyzers, utilizing chemiluminescence, paramagnetic oxygen sensors and infrared CO2 detectors and touch screen interfaces. These analyzers have a built in computer for control, data acquisition, and processing. See below for access to detailed brochures.
The CLD 60 series are our basic source emissions NOx analyzers for stack monitoring, and represent our cost effective solution with state of the art data communications. Features include Ethernet connection, dual simultaneous analog outputs from two different ranges, 24 V dry contact closure for powering external devices and automatic cycling between NO and NOx modes.

60 Series Overview view 270K PDF file

The 800 series is our established, top of the line, compact NOx analyzer with vacuum pump and thermal ozone destroyer inside the case of the analyzer. Also suitable for stack measurements but offering a smaller footprint. The 800 series also includes dual channel analyzers for simultaneous measurement of NO and NOx, for the most accurate NO2 determination. We also offer the CLD 844 CM hr for simultaneous NOx and ammonia analysis.

800 Series Overview view 105K PDF file

We now offer a choice of converters, heated sample inlets, pressure regulation, and multiple reaction chambers. The CLD 800 series instruments are ideal for compact applications, and offered with advanced options for research applications.

800 Series Design Specifications view 64K PDF file

Single Reaction Chamber NOx and NOxO2 Analyzers

– Ideal for stack testing or CEMS

CLD 63 view 118K PDF file
• 0-500 ppm
• Accurate to 0.05 ppm
CLD 62 view 290K PDF file
• 0-5,000 ppm
• Accurate to 0.5 ppm
CLD 63 Ox view 118K PDF file
• 0-500 ppm NOx
• 0-25% Oxygen
• Accurate to 0.05 ppm
CLD 62 Ox view 114K PDF file
• 0-5,000 ppm NOx
• 0-25% Oxygen
• Accurate to 0.5 ppm
CLD 64 view 288K PDF file
• 0-100 ppm
• Accurate to 2 ppb
CLD 66 view 140K PDF file
• 0-25 ppm
• Accurate to 0.5 ppb
CLD 82 S view 321K PDF file
• 0-5,000 ppm
• Accurate to 0.25 ppm
CLD 84 M view 314K PDF file
• 0-500 ppm
• Accurate to 0.025 ppm

Dual Reaction Chamber Analyzers

– NO and NOx are simultaneously measured and NO2 calculated and displayed.

CLD 822 S h r view 307K PDF file
• 0-5,000 ppm
• heated sample inlet
• accurate to 0.25 ppm
CLD 824 MM d view 316K PDF file
• 0-500, 0-5,000 ppm
• Dual ranges and dual sample inlets
• accurate to 0.025 and 0.25 ppm
CLD 844 CM h view 419K PDF file
• 0-500 ppm Ammonia or NOX, NO, NO2, or NOX Amines
• heated sample inlet
• accurate to 0.025 ppm