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ECO PHYSICS introduces the new combination NOx and Oxygen Analyzers for stack testing and CEMS. cld60ox The nCLD 62 Ox and CLD 63 Ox provide a cost effective chemiluminescence NOx measurement with a paramagetic oxygen sensor included.

Our NO, NO2, NOy and NOx analyzers are characterized by a fast response time and stable operation over years. We serve the CEMs, stack testing, automotive, catalyst research, source emissions, background ambient, atmospheric research and medical detection of exhaled NO markets.

Our proven ammonia (NH3) analyzer, the CLD 844 CM hr, can measure NO, NOx, and NOxAmines, displaying NO2 and NH3. This instrument has dual converters, dual reaction chambers, and a heated sample inlet for hot, moist gases, and is ideal for research applications and ammonia slip monitoring. The CLD 844 CM h is now available for research applications for NH3 studies. Contact us for a demo!

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