Liquid Assay Measurements

Research methods for liquid assay of various nitrite, nitrate, nitrosothiols and nitrosamines in biological fluids and water and wastewater measurements using chemiluminescence NOx analyzers.

Measure NO released during liquid assay including chemical reactions or bacterial scavenging view 282K PDF file

  • Chemiluminescence nitric oxide gas analyzer
  • 0-100 ppm NO range with 2 ppb detection level
  • Integrated ozone destruction system

CLD 88 with EDAQ PowerChrom view 203K PDF file

  • 0-5,000 ppb with 0.060 ppb detection level
  • Chemiluminescence NO measurement
  • Optional Molybdenum converter for NO2 determination

nCLD 88 with EDAQ PowerChrom view 152K PDF file

  • 5-5,000 ppb with 0.05 ppb detection level