Liquid Assay Measurements


Liquid Assay Nitric Oxide Measurements (Application Note)

  • Measurements of total Nitric Oxide (NO) and Nitric Oxide (NO) metabolites, e.g. Nitrite, Nitrates and Nitrosothiols
  • Measurements of Nitrosamines in water and wastewater
  • Reaction kinetics and release profile of NO form Nitric Oxide donor materials
  • NO/NO2/NOx emissions and flux from plants and soil

NO released during liquid assay is captured by the Chemiluminescence NO analyzer, nCLD 88 NO analyzer or the nCLD 66 NO analyzer 


“Gold Standard” Chemiluminescence nCLD 88 is the most sensitive, accurate and fast response NO analyzer in the market


  • Large 8″ color touchscreen and the state of the art GUI offer simplified navigation and enhanced customer experience
  • Onboard computer and internal storage space.  All measurements are stored internally and can be exported as Text or Excel file format
  • Internal Ozone destruction unit and internal oil-free pump

eDAQ PowerChromTM OR the ChartTM + Flow Analysis

ES280 PowerChrom Chromatography Data System (CDS) Software

  • Auto and Manual Peak Detection & Peak Selection
  • Linear, Linear Through Origin, Cubic, Quadratic & Point-to-Point Calibration
  • Digital Filtering and Smoothing
  • Compatible with windows XP or Higher
  • Save as or export as Text or Excel File

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