Atmospheric Research Products

We have a long tradition of supplying the world with the best atmospheric research NO analyzers. The Supreme Line analyzers represent our latest technology and are our most advanced research analyzers.  NO Analyzers for Atmospheric ResearchThey can be operated by means of an integrated touch screen or remotely from a personal computer via the Internet.  These analyzers offer an integrated hard disk with nearly unlimited storage capacity for data logging purposes. The structured SQL database allows an easy means of exporting data. With its tilted and adjustable front panel the readability of displayed information is optimal, or an external monitor can be added. The clear layout of the menu structure guides the user and enables one to take advantage of all analyzer functions almost intuitively.

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CraNOx II System view 305k PDF file
Specifications (636k PDF file)
• Newly launched, this system measures NOx and ozone for the most accurate measurement solutions in the ppb- and ppt-range. It is the most accurate commercially available system because it calculates the photostatic equilibrium due to the integrated ozone analyzer.

CLD 899 Y view 607K PDF file This 2 channel analyzer is the heart of our CraNOx II System

•0-1,000 ppb
• Accurate to 25.0 ppt

The CLD 800 series is our standard line of research NOx analyzers. The design has incorporated the vacuum pump and thermal ozone destroyer inside the case of the analyzer. We now offer a choice of converters, heated sample inlets, pressure regulation, and dual reaction chambers. The CLD 800 series instruments are ideal for compact applications with reduced power and heat generation requirements.

800 Series Overview view 105K PDF file
800 Series Design Specifications view 64K PDF file

Converter Efficiency Tester view 1.5M PDF file

Single Reaction Chamber Analyzers

– Ambient level measurements

CLD 86 view 1003K PDF file
• 0-50 ppm
• Accurate to 0.5 ppb
CLD 88 Yp view 96K PDF file
• 0-5 ppm
• Accurate to 0.05 ppb
CLD 88 view 992K PDF file
• 0-5 ppm
• Accurate to 0.05 ppb

Dual Reaction Chamber Analyzers

– Ambient level measurements
– NO, NO2 and NOX are simultaneously measured and displayed.

ppt Level Research

CLD 899 Y view 607K PDF file
• 0-1,00 ppb
• Accurate to 25.0 ppt
CLD 780 TR view 107K PDF file
• 0-500 ppb
• Accurate to 3.0 ppt
CLD 790 SR view 400K PDF file
• 0-500 ppb
• Accurate to 3.0 ppt
PLC 762 SR MH view 28K PDF file
• Photolytic NO2 converter
• Works in conjunction with CLD 790 SR
CON 765 view 606K PDF file
• Gold Tube NOy converter
PAG 003 view 232K PDF file
• Pure air generator for demanding research applications
PLC 860 view 117K PDF file
• Photolytic converter for 8xx analyzers