Product Categories

Source Emissions

NOx Analyzers for Source EmissionsNOx analyzers for measuring emissions from refineries, power generation, industrial processes and other sources, as well as for combustion research. View Source Emissions Products

Automotive/Mobile Sources

NOx Analyzers for Automotive EmissionsNOx analyzers for transportation industry exhaust emissions. Options include a heated sample inlet for hot, moist engine exhaust, and AK protocol. View Automotive/Mobile Source Products

Medical Research

NO Analyzers for Medical ResearchNO analyzers for exhaled Nitric Oxide with flow measurements and Pulmonary Function Testing system with new Nitrogen Multiple Breath Washout technique for FRC and LCI. View Medical Research Products

Liquid Assay Measurements

Conversion of nitrites, nitrates, nitrosothiols and nitrosomines to nitric oxide for the quantification of those compounds in biological systems or wastewater impacted waters. Measurements of nitrification processes applied for treating high concentration nitrogen wastewaters by microbial nitric oxide production. View Liquid Assay Measurement Products

Atmospheric Research

NO Analyzers for Atmospheric TestingNew CraNOx II system for research ppt level measurements. Ideal for research applications measuring part per trillion and part per billion levels of NO, NO2, and NOy. View Atmospheric Research Products

Semiconductor Fabrication

The M17 provides a solution for a wide range of complex problems associated with CMP process control. The M17 system provides highly sensitive and reliable closed loop control for applications such as STI and BP. View Semiconductor Fabrication Products