Medical Research Products

NO Analyzers for Medical Research

The ECO MEDICS products for exhaled FeNO (Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide), Nasal NO and Pulmonary Function testing are not FDA approved, and are sold for basic physiological research only.

Exhaled FeNO and Nasal NO Application

CLD 88 sp NO Analyzer with SPIROWARE 3.0 view 391K PDF file
• Chemiluminescence nitric oxide gas analyzer
• 0-5,000 ppb NO range with 0.06 ppb detection level
• SPIROWARE 3.0 data acquisition and evaluation software for determination of FeNO production with incentive screen feedback for exhalation flow control
• Integrated oil-free diaphragm pump and ozone destruction system

DENOX 88 view 242K PDF file
• NO Free Air and Adaptive Flow Control for the CLD 88 sp
• Variable exhalation flow resistances

SPIROWARE 3.0 view 483K PDF file
• Integration Software for CLD 88 sp
• Optional calculation of Alveolar NO concentration

FeNO Offline Collection Kit view 228K PDF file
• Offline FeNO measurements in accordance to ATS/ERS guideline

LCI (Lung Clearance Index) Measurements

Exhalyzer D with SPIROWARE 3.1 view 2.1M PDF file
• FRC & LCI determination by Nitrogen Multiple Breath Washout technique
• Pulmonary Function Testing

Liquid NO Application view 344K PDF file

For measurements of NO which has been evolved as a gas from nitrites or nitrates in solution, we offer a couple different software packages. The software allows for the calculation of the area under the curve, to quantify the concentration of an unknown, by comparing it to a known microliter sample reacted in the same reaction vessel. The CLD 88 listed below can be sold as a package with PowerChrom from EDAQ, a powerful yet easy to used chromatography software for the calculations you need.

CLD 88 with EDAQ PowerChrom view 203K PDF file
• 0-5,000 ppb with 0.060 ppb detection level
• Chemiluminescence NO measurement
• Optional Molybdenum converter for NO2 determination