Automotive Products

NOx Analyzers for Measuring Automotive Exhaust Emissions

Unparalleled Performance

The Supreme Line analyzers have an unequaled range of operation and the lowest detection level for an automotive analyzer. They offer an integrated hard disk with nearly unlimited storage capacity for data logging, and they can be operated via integrated touch screen or remote Internet connection.

A tilted and adjustable front panel optimizes display readability, or you can add an external monitor. The clear layout of the menu structure enables you to take advantage of all analyzer functions almost intuitively, and the structured SQL database lets you easily export data.

NO and NOx are simultaneously measured, while NO2 is calculated and displayed. The AK protocol is standard with this remarkable instrument.

nCLD Supreme Line Overview new (775K PDF)
CLD Supreme Line Overview (225K PDF)

The CLD 800 series

The CLD 800 series is our standard research line of analyzers, and offers many advantages over our earlier products, the 700 Series. By including an integrated vacuum pump and thermal ozone destroyer inside the case of the analyzer, the system is much more compact and efficient.

We offer a choice of converters, heated sample inlets, pressure regulation, and multiple reaction chambers. The CLD 800 series instruments are ideal for compact applications with reduced voltage requirements.

nCLD 800 Series Overview new (211K PDF)
800 Series Overview (105K PDF)
800 Series Design Specifications (64K PDF)
Converter Efficiency Tester (1.5M PDF)

Automotive Research Products
Range Model Accuracy Chambers Brochure
0–500 ppm CLD 844 CM hr .025 ppm dual 419K PDF
5–5000 ppm nCLD 822 M h new 0.25 ppm dual 130K PDF
0–10,000 ppm nCLD 811 new 1.0 ppb dual 1M PDF
nCLD 811 CMnew 1.0 ppb dual 1M PDF
CLD 811 1.0 ppb dual 991K PDF

Accuracy is dependant on range selected. Highest accuracy shown.
Single reaction chamber models analyze NOx or NO, and are ideal for fast response applications. Dual reaction chamber models simultaneously measure NO and NOx and calculate NO2.